Wonky Wabbits

Have Fun Searching for Jackpots with Wonky Wabbits

Almost everyone loves cartoons and animations, and who wouldn’t like these TV shows and productions? Cartoon shows and animations are energetic, stress-free and fun productions and visual arts that appeal to the senses and truly entertain. These are the main reasons why kids and teens love their daily dose of cartoons and animations. But it is not just the kids and teens who love these shows; even some adults and those young at heart love their cartoon and animations. So it is not surprising to know that this theme has entered the casino gaming realm, and you can now find casino games and slots taking advantage of this exciting theme. This is exactly what you get with Wonky Wabbits by NetEnt. This company has already impressed the market with its massive collection of games, and now it is ready to entertain once again with Wonky Wabbits.

How to Play

One thing we noticed about this game is the attractiveness of the theme, and the fun use of graphics and symbols. When we first checked out this NetEnt production, we instantly liked the background and the story that comes with the game. You have the fun rabbits, and they are living their lives in the best possible way on a plantation, complete with carrots and other veggies. The usual video slot symbols are the values from your deck of cards, but the higher symbols of Wonky Wabbits are dominated by veggies. The most important symbol of the game is the fat carrot. Players will also encounter the red tomato, a head of broccoli, ear of corn and purple eggplant.

Just like other exciting casino productions from NetEnt, Wonky Wabbits also features wilds, and the designers of the game take the wilds seriously. What you will encounter in this game is the Wild Duplication, a feature that can easily rival some of the best features in other video slots. If the wild shows on the reels, you will experience the Wild Duplication. During this mode of the game, the funny rabbit will move from the game’s wild, and will dig deep on the reels. You can expect 2 stacked wilds, and these will show on the second and fourth reels. If you play the game, the maximum number of wilds that you can earn is 14 after the activation of this feature.

Betting Options

There are 15 bet lines available, and this is complemented by 10 bet levels. When it comes to the coin values that can be played in Wonky Wabbits, you can start from as low as 0.01, and can move up to 0.50. This means that the lowest wager for every spin is 0.30, and 150.00 for maximum wager.

Theme & Special Function

Wonky Wabbits is a cool and fun game to play, but it’s strongest point is the easy gameplay. This is one of the best bets from NetEnt, and you will immediately be motivated to play as soon as you open the game. This game is compatible with different platforms, from Windows to Linux. ‘Auto Play’ and ‘Max Bet’ features are also utilized for the convenience of players.

In terms of theme and the use of graphics, NetEnt has succeeded well in producing this video slot title. So, if you are looking for massive jackpots, we suggest that you check this game out first and see if this appeals to your wallet. Although the game features wilds, this game misses the usual free spins and scatters.

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